16 Questions at Dick Jaspers

Recently the guy from the Netherlands conquered his 60th title in Netherlands Grand Prix.

He gave us some some very interesting answers at our questions.

Do you want to know what is the percentage of points that DJ plays for position in a mach? Or if he dedicates time when he is training playing left hand points?
Read the interview…

Billiard Today (BT) At what age did you started play billiard? Did you had a teacher?

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Dick jaspers

Dick Jaspers (DJ) I was 8 years old and when i started to play free game on the small table and i was 11 to start with lessons with a Belgian teacher

BT Tell me some details about your cue (brand – model- weight – diameter of the tip)

DJ Current model is Olanda Model Longoni, 510 grams, 11.6mm diameter

BT What brand – model of billiard do you have at your house?

DJ Gabriels Kronos model (see my facebook page, there is picture from my table

BT A lot of titles threw a great career. Which one you will never forget?

DJ 1st national title in 1990 three-cushion beating Rini van Bracht in a good final in Groningen (after 2 second places and a 3rd place..) and my first Worldcup victory in 1991 in Tokyo (so far away)

BT We are witness of an explosion of the performance in three cushion. What do you think is the limit of human potentials for a general average in three cushion (in one tournament).
I Think last year in Guri you did 2.945. Is it possible to reach 4.000 or even more?

DJ I would think that around 3.000 general average is maximum coming years..

BT What is the highest run you ever did? not neccesary in official game

DJ In official game 26 in 2001 in dutch competition game against Caudron in Haarlem

BT The players (at least the top players) are performing better and better. On the other hand the games are now in 40 points distance, plus it will stop the equalizing inning.
Do you think we should stay on 40 or we should go back on 50?

DJ I think 40 is a perfect distance (maybe a little short for topplayers, but perfect for the audience.. a game lasts maximum 1,5hour and thats very good for selling our sport. Nobody is waiting for games of 2hours and longer like in the past.

BT which one is the most interesting ( or funny) story that happened during you enormus career that you can share with our audience?

DJ A funny story is long ago in 1987 that i was playing a final against hans Vultink one of the greatest balk line players and i was completely in love with a very nice young girl sitting and watching my game.. i could nt make any points.. i couldnt concentrate anymore..there was not much more after this story.

BT Using your experience, what is the percentage of the points that you play for position in one average match?

DJ Around 50-60% i think

BT Now I would like to speak a little bit about strategy. Lets suppose that you have a point 50-50 to try. Do you choose attack or defence?

DJ I prefer to attack but i have to say it depends on the score..i am not afraid to take risks.

BT After so many years of competition does the pressure during a game remains the same as in the beginning of your career?

DJ For me i think it’s still the same.. pressure is automatically for me.. and even more in games where i normally should win, i alway’s have a very strong desire to win my games

BT Are you still hungry for titles?

DJ Yes no doubt about this.. winning a big international tournament is alway’s the highlight for me.. for me billiards is purely individual and individual titles have the highest priority

BT Recently after the end of world cup in Guri you remained there for some exchibition games. What was the most impresive experience that you had in Korea

DJ For me that there are so many camera’s and that Koreans think about so many things to develop billiards in professional way’s. They think so serious about billiards! For all of us we are impressed by this. They are setting new standards for billiards

BT A lot of average players many times they complain about the conditions of a game (table not good, noise etc). I suppose that even a top player like you sometimes faces problems like this but
those facts rarely affect your performance. What is the advice that you can give to an average player in ordet to perform the same (or almost the same) no matter how the conditions are?

DJ Think and make better your technicall skills and see everything as a interesting challenge. When i am playing on a bad table i want to find something tot hink positive and how to adapt my game tot his “bad”table for example

BT During your practice do you dedicate time for left hand points?

DJ Nice question! I invest a lot of time to play left side because this is really something to improve yourself, even when it’s not really easy and nice to practice but it has a good effect on your technical skills.

BT How would you describe your self, a “feeling player” or a system player?

DJ Absolutely a feeling player (even when some people think i might be a system player, but the explanation i give is that i am absolutely a perfectionist.

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