Buffalo League, great matches, Dallinga.com leading

The spectators of the games of Buffalo league last Sunday had the chance to follow great performances by the top Players of the world that participates at the Dutch championship.

Best performance achieved by Spanish PBA contract Player, Zavier Palazon who defeated Dirk Weeremans 40 – 27 in 15 innings, 2.666 average for Mr. Palazon and 9 points high run, 1,800 average and 10 High Run for mr. Weeremans.

The match with the most suspense was the one between Dick Jaspers and Rolland Forthomme.

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Buffalo league

The Dutch world Champion defeated “Ronaldhinho” by one point, 40-39 in 20 innings.

2.000 average for Dick Jaspers who run also a break of 9 points. 1.950 for the Belgian and 6 High run.

After many years Dick jaspers and the Swedish legend of three cushion billiards, Torbjorn Blomdahl are in the same team.

They both play for H.C.R. Prinsen, 3rd right now at the rank with 7 points.

The first place at the Buffalo league is occupied by Dallinga.com with 8 points.

At the second place also with 8 points S.I.S. Schoonmaak.

Next round of Buffalo League is Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13th of October.

You can Download the results here

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Buffalo League Rank

1 Dallinga.com 8 1.305
2 S.I.S. Schoonmaak 8 1.535
3 H.C.R. Prinsen 7 1.350
4 `t Hartje van Oosterhout 7 1.324
5 A1 Biljarts 6 1.128
6 Bousema Lochem 6 1.159
7 STZ Zundert 5 1.178
8 `t Ivoor 5 1.315
9 Team Eekhoorn 4 1.299
10 Dekker Keukens 3 1.126
11`s Lands Welvaren 1 1.078
12 DKM Tools 0 1.048

Buffalo League next round

STZ Zundert – Dekker Keukens
Bousema Lochem – Team Eekhoorn
S.I.S. Schoonmaak – Dallinga.com
`t Ivoor -`s Lands Welvaren
A1 Biljarts – H.C.R. Prinsen
DKM Tools- `t Hartje van Oosterhout
`t Hartje van Oosterhout – S.I.S. Schoonmaak
Dallinga.com b – Bousema Lochem
Team Eekhoorn – STZ Zundert
Dekker Keukens – A1 Biljarts
H.C.R. Prinsen – `t Ivoor
`s Lands Welvaren – DKM Tools