C.E.B. – New Sport Regulations for 3 cushion billiards

Following the new UMB regulations for 3-Cushion also CEB events in 3-Cushion discipline will be adapted accordingly starting from september 1st 2020 and concerning EC Individual, EC Ladies, EC National Team and Coupe d’Europe Club Teams.
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C.E.B. - New Sport Regulations for 3 cushion billiards

New time regulations

30 seconds time shot limit.
4 time-outs for 40 and 50 points game.
3 time-outs for 25 and 30 points game.
time-outs automatically applied (the player does not have to request time-outs).
break of 4 minutes.
During the next season, a consultation in order to evaluate and to analyze the changes will be organized inside CEB.

Distances and innings limit

For the same reason and also to adapt to a higher level of playing some changes will be made to distances and innings limit:
Ladies in EC 3C will play in group games and in last 16 with a 50 innings limit. From quarter finals onward there will not be anymore an innings limitation.
In EC 3C Individual group games will be played to 40 points, KO rounds to 50 points.
In EC National Teams group games will be played to 40 points.

Equalization inning

The equalization inning will be canceled in all KO 3-Cushion individual matches.
When the winning distance will be reached the player will immediately win the KO game.

These other news will also be enforced starting from September 1st 2020:
An important change is planned for the CEB 3C Ranking for National Teams: starting with the next ranking update (just after the next edition) only the last 5 edition will be counted in the ranking.
The playing system of Coupe d’Europe Classics for Teams will be completely renewed in order to have a more attractive format. CEB intention is also to guarantee to participant teams a less expensive format. For these reasons qualifications and finals will be regrouped in one event to be hold in 4 days. The Title Holder and 7 teams will play divided in 2 group of 4; semifinal and final will follow.