Classic Race Challenge 47/2, a CEB Invitation Tournament

The following rule applies to the “Classic Race Challenge 47/2” invitation tournament.

General rules will apply unless otherwise is here specified. These rules are valid only for this first edition of the “Classic Race Challenge 47/2”.

General description:

“Classic Race Challenge” is a test competition based on a new system that CEB is proud to launch and promote;

The main perspective is to provide new motivation and excitement to lovers of jeux de série, both for players and spectators.

A new range of records can be achieved and a brand new mode of play promises to be more attractive and gives us the opportunity to revive classical disciplines.

“Classic Race” events can be played “face to face” or in “remote game” by means of video streaming technology.

In both cases each player will play on one billiard while each opponent will play simultaneously on other billiards.

Each player will have a referee.

It is possible for more than two players to play simultaneously the same match.

CEB and Kozoom will present and organize a first edition of the “Classic Race” in Cadre 47/2 according to the rules and the informations herewith described.

Rules of the game:

cadre 47/2

Goal of the game is to score the highest number of points in one hour game time.

The player that will score the biggest number of points will be the winner of the match.

At the start of the game time all sportsmen playing the match will begin from the starting position and continue their game until a miss occurs.

When a player misses the referee will put the balls again in the starting position.

The player will go to his chair and will wait for a number of seconds (penalty time) to be counted from the moment he missed.

At the end of the penalty time the player is allowed to start again from the starting position; game time will not be stopped.

The above rule applies also in case of a miss from the starting position.

During the penalty time the referee can clean the balls.

Penalty time 47/2: 90 seconds.

It’s up to players to ask the referee to clean one or more balls at any time during his game, the game time will not be stopped.

The game will end at the same time for all the players by a sound alert at the end of the given game time.

The final ranking of a single match will be made according to the number of points made in the game time allowed.

In case of equality of points the average will be considered, then the highest runs (first, second, etc..).

If there is still equality an extension of 10 minutes will be played in the same modality of the match between the players concerned.

The referee will have to count points continuously, without starting again at each innings; he will also take note of the single runs.

The referee will also take care of the respect of the penalty time, the general time and the other general rules of the specific discipline (balls in contact, fouls, announcements, etc..).

In case of fouls the referee will put the balls in the starting position and the player must wait the penalty time before starting again.

Last point is valid if player shoots before the end of the allowed time.

The referee will advise players when half game time is reached, when last minute of game time is reached and about last 10 seconds.

Invited players and description of the first edition of “Classic Race Challenge”:

The first edition of the Classic Race Challenge will be played in the following discipline:

Cadre 47/2.

On occasion of the launch of this new kind of competition best sportsmen will be invited according to their standings in latest European Championship Cadre 47/2 (Brandenburg 2019).

8 players will be invited: 5 from last concerned EC and 3 Kozoom wild cards.

The 8 players will be placed in a Double KO table according to their position in concerned CEB ranking

Final standings will be made according to:

5/6 and 7/8: final position in the DKO Qualification Phase, total points, gen.avg, highest runs.

3/3: semifinal losers, total points, gen avg, highest runs.

2nd: final loser.

1st: final winner.

Dress code:

Black shoes, black socks, black suit trousers (corduroy or jeans are not allowed), a polo shirt of maximum two colors, black belt. Polo shirt must be kept inside trousers.

The participants have to leave a clean, cultivated impression.

For ladies, in place of the polo shirt a singlecoloured blouse can be worn.

For advertisement, national/club badges and other details concerning the dress code see art.20 of CEB “Basic Concepts”.

Referee cloths: black suit.

Green colors not allowed on clothings or badges.

Calendar and time table:

The competition will be organized in the new Kozoom Studios in Andernos (France) in order to have the best professional video production and broadcasting.

Studios are equipped with 2 tables and a virtual wall for sponsors.

Athletes and referees will benefit of perfect sanitary conditions against Covid and the events will take place at closed doors (no audience allowed).

Venue: Kozoom Studios in Andernos (FR) Date: March 2021, 26th to 28th

First day: M1 (12.00) – M2 (14:00) – M3 (16.00) – M4 (18.00) – M5 (20.00)

Second day: M6 (12.00) – M7 (14.00) – M8 (16.00) – M9 (18.00) – M10 (20.00)

Third day: M11 (semifinal – 10.00) – M12 (semifinal – 12.00) – M13 (Final – 15.00)

Training time: 15 minutes before 1st match, 5 minutes before other matches.

Sport Supporting Prices:

1st: € 1000,00

2nd: € 700,00

3rd / 3rd : € 400

Travel allowances:

Subvention for travel expenses: € 100 from inside France and outside a radius of 30 km around Andernos , € 200 from outside France.

Accomodation and meals: Taken in charge by CEB and Kozoom.


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