Cyprus Billiards info’s for the juniors world championship

To: All the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus

Subject: Qualifiers for the 2019 World 9-Ball Junior Championships which will be conducted in Cyprus this coming November

The Cyprus Pocket Billiard Federation (CPBF) with the support of the Cyprus Sports Association (CSA), is hosting the 2019 World Junior 9-Ball Championships, scheduled for the 20 to 23 of November in Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia.

An event of this calibre is organised for the first time in Cyprus.

Athletes from several countries around the world will travel to the island of Cyprus to represent their National team, and the Continent they belong to in the following 3 Categories:

1) Girls under 19 years
2) Boys under 19 years
3) Boys under 17 years

The Championship will be conducted in the game of 9-ball.

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Juniors 9ball

There will be an opening ceremony on Wednesday on 20/11, followed by the Tournament games on Thursday and Friday on 21-22/11 and the Finals will be on Saturday, 23/11.

The awards and closing ceremony will directly follow the finals on the same day.

The Tournament will be broadcasted live through the International Olympic Channel, CBC 2, Alfa Sports TV, and Livestreaming through YouTube & Facebook.

There will also be additional media coverage through Twitter & Instagram.

For the above-mentioned categories, CPBF will approximately receive 4 to 6 sits per Category.

As such CPBF proclaims Pancyprian Qualifying Tournaments for the World Championships which will happen in the Weekend 9th to 10th of November, in Century House of Billiards, Gladstonos 29, Limassol 3041, contact details 25-745547.

The winners will represent the Cyprus National Team and will be part of the European National Team for the aforementioned Categories.

To have a right to participate you must

1. Be a holder of a Cyprus ID or/and Cyprus Passport, and to fall within the age limits as described in point 3 below, and

2. To be a member of the Cyprus Pocket Billiard Federation or register as a new member of the Cyprus Pocket Billiard Federation (registration fee €20) until Monday 4th of November, and

3. The age limits to fall within the below categories,

• Girls under 19 years: Must have no more than their 18th birthday in the calendar year 2019

• Boys under 19 years: Must have their 17th or 18th birthday in the calendar year 2019

• Boys under 17 years: Must have no more than their 16th birthday in the calendar year 2019

All participation interest must be expressed by Monday 4th of November at 13.00pm (Midday), by calling the appropriate people which are indicated below.

The registration must be fully completed by 20.00 pm of the same day by completing the registration form and by settling the registration fee of €20, if not already members of CPBF. For registration, everybody must have a copy of their Cyprus ID and/or their Cyprus Passport to deliver to CPBF and must also bring the originals for a final confirmation prior to the start of the Qualifiers.

To express your interest please contact either Mr. Yiannos Kitromilides at 99-635467 or Mr. Christos Meligaliotis at 96-466737.

On behalf of the CPBF Board,

Marios Liassides

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