Dutch League Yes for the National No for the European Championship

It looks like the national championship is much more important for the clubs of Three cushion billiard in Holland than the European championship.

As it is very well known to the Three cushion Billiards community worldwide, there is a big conflict between UMB (and of’ course the affiliate Confederations and federations) and the PBA, the Professional Billiard Association, recently formed in South Korea.

The result of this conflict is that some of the top world class players, who selected to play in PBA’s tournaments are now suspended by the world federation.

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Somebody would expect that these players, since they are suspended, they could not participate in any National or international Championship.

Surprisal decision or the European federation in August, allowed to those players to participate at the national championships, but they are suspended from the International competitions.

So now players like Frederic Caudron, Xavier Palazon, Jean Paul de Bruin, Eddy Leppens they are members of Dutch teams in the Premier League.

Those teams, which have suspended players, are therefore not allowed to compete in the European Cup.

So in the Dutch League Dallinga.com who is the leader and have as member Frederic Caudron and J.P.De Bruin, both suspended players, HCR Prinsen (with Eddy Leppens), ‘t Hartje van Oosterhout (with Glenn Hofman),’ t Ivory (David Martinez and A1 Biljarts (with Javier Palazón) are only fight for the national title and will not fight for a European title.

Also in Greece the former world Champion Filippos Kasidokostas plays for Trisponto Billiard Club and Kostas Papakonstantinou for Athens Billiard Club. They are both suspended players from UMB.

In Greece the national Championship starts next Thursday October 11th.

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