First time! Higher prize money in Three Cushion Billiards than Snooker

by Alex Balomenos
three cushion billiards snooker

Snooker is the best paid game among the styles of billiards.

Its players enjoy millions of prize money from the tournaments (plus the money they earn from sponsors).

It is characteristic that Ronnie O ‘Sullivan has earned in his career a total of 11,768,134 pounds (just over € 13,500,000).

In billiard styles, three-cushion billiards is the worst paid game.

His players see the snooker players earning thousands of euros in tournament prizes, while Pool billiard players prizes are also high.

At the US Open in 2019, players competed for a $375,000 prize money.

us open

While this was happening in snooker and Pool, the players of three cushion billiards were competed for … honor, since until a few years ago the winner of a world cup received € 5,000 as a prize money.

But all that started to changed about 2 years ago.

The advent of the Korean PBA has spurred on the prizes (which, of course, are still much lower from those sharing in the other two styles of billiards).

But the beginning for decent prizes for the three cushion billiards is a fact.

Actually as we speak a three cushion tournament gives much higher prizes than a snooker.

These days the Snooker Players Championship is om ction, with the participation of all the stars of the game.

In the final where Ronnie O ‘Sullivan and John Higgins play (Higgins leads 7-4 at the time of writing), the winner will receive 125,000 Pounds (€ 144,264) as prize money.

At the same time in Korea, PBA is organizing SK Rent a Car Three cushion billiards W.C.

In this tournament the winner will receive € 220,000 as prize money.

Unbelievable a few years ago. Of course this is the first time, but you know what they say, there is always the first time.

This does not mean that Three Cushion Billiards have reached snooker, but it is an impressive beginning for decent prizes for this wonderfull style of billiards.

Let’s hope to see other great tournaments in the future with significant prizes for the three cushion billiards.


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