Interview with Frederic Caudron

Frederic Caudron, the Extraterrestial. Many people consider him the best player ever walked in earth.
We contacted him via email and we asked him to answer 11 questions.


Billiard Today (BT) Fred, at what age did you started playing billiard?

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Frederic caudron

Frederic Caudron (FC) I started when i was 8 years old, following my dad to the billiard club.

BT Tell us a few words about Emil Wafflard (he was your teacher correct?)

FC Emile was a very special person, the best teacher you can imagine. All the best balkline players of my generation had Emile as teacher (Leppens, De Backer, Niessen en myself)

BT February 7 in Bursa, you played with Eddy (Merckx) the match that everybody refers to it as the “The match of the century”. Eddy came back from 31-3 but you manage to win the game. What was the most difficult part of the game?

FC The most difficult part is to keep playing with goed focus because you know something wrong can happen even after you are leading by very far.

I was once 44-7 behind against Jaspers and still managed to win the game. You know it’s possible to lose, and that why you have to keep focussed 100% even after leading 31-3

BT Watching a game like the “match of the century” I can only ask, do you think that a race in 40 points is enough considering the high level that 3 cushion top players performs now, or do you think it should change?

FC I think the level now is very high, and maybe time to go back to 50 points

BT Korea looks is for the time the “hot spot” in planet for three cushion billiards.Who do you think is the strongest Korean player?

FC I will not give name but they are 5 or 6 top level players in Korea, maybe 5 or 6 just behind them, and hundreds of very strong players…play a general average of 1 in Korea is very common…

BT These days is organized the European Championship 3cushion billiards under 17 in Leuven. Do you know any young player (not necessaraly participating in EC U17) that you think he has potentials to become a top player?

FC It’s dangerous to name somebody who can be world top player in the future because it’s difficult to know how they think, and it’s a mental game, so time will tell us…once again, Korea has strong kids playing very well, i hope some will raise also from Europe…

BT Last November you participated at LGU+ cup in Korea. Kindly tell me 1) some words about the organization 2) There was a big gap between the price money of the winner and the second player.How this effects the concentration and the player’s perfomance?

FC Tournament hall was a shopping mall, a lot of people passing by, but no problems to concentrate. And according to prize money, this is normal to give a better prize money to the winner, and i don’t think somebody is thinking about money during the game…

BT You participated at the most important tournaments ever, like World championships, Agipi, LGU+, Juanjo Trilles, Crystal Kelly etc. What was the tournament that you will remember most?

FC All the invitation tournaments are very special…because people take care of you on a special way. Juanjo Trilles was a very unique experience…

BT The game is already at very high level. What do you think is the limit of a general average for the human potentials?

FC Much more than 2 general average is already a dream 🙂

BT You are holder of the world record high run. What is your highest unofficial high run?

FC I made 33 on practice but this has no value, tournament is the only important thing for statistics

BT Last years there is a new system regarding the national teams world championship in case of tie, the Scotch Double. What do you think about this system?

FC The system is nice for the audience but not really correct. Maybe they should find another system with a longer game with 4 people on the same table

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