PBA/LPBA Three cushion Billiards World Championship… really?


Tomorrow starts the next PBA tournament in Seoul.

The tournament that the Korean company advertises it as a world championship.

A high-profile title that, in the writer’s opinion, is far from reality.

The presence of two players who have been crowned in the past with the title, Frederic Caudron and Filippos Kasidokostas does not justify in any way the “World Championship” with which the PBA titles its tournament.

You cannot call world championship a tournament when the big names of the game are absent,.

Players such as Torbjorn Blomdahl, Dick Jaspers, Eddie Merckx, Marco Zanetti, Semih Sayginer, Daniel Sanchez but also many other players who are proven to be at the highest level, such as Tayfun Tasdemir, Martin Horn, Nick Polychronopoulos, Jeremy Bury, Murat Coclu, Choi Sung-Won and many others who have proven that they can win anyone and any title.

I’m also not sure if the winner of this tournament will consider himself a world champion.

PBA already offered a lot at Three Cushion Billiards.

It was the catalyst for the game to escape the misery of the past, when the winner of a world cup received € 5,000 as prize money.

Its upcoming presence made the prizes were launched in high lebels, before it even started operating.

PBA changed the way the game was presented, brought innovations that increased the interest, and admittedly, the TV coverage is the best we have ever seen.

3 cushion billiard world champions
The three cushion billiards world champions (source wikipedia)

The dizzying amount of € 700,000 that will be distributed as prizes ONLY in February are numbers that a few years ago seemed unreal to the world of Three Cushion Billiards.

The professionalism of the PBA executives, who seem to know their job very well, pushed the Three Cushion Billiards forward many years.

Even the small details such as the connection to the players’ house even with a web camera, the continuous replay so that the viewer is constantly watching action and not a player thinking, the perfectly set (TV) scene, the cameras that capture from many angles even the slightest detail, the slow motion, all these contribute to a final product that you can only describe it as flawless.

In my opinion, they do not need high-profile titles.

Firstly because everyone can understand that these titles do not correspond to reality and secondly because they do not need it since the final product … really stands out.

Alex Balomenos