PBA LPBA the SK World championship 2021 just started

All top favorites in the men’s and women’s final participates in this great event of three cushion billiards the PBA LPBA SK World championship 2021.

32 men and 16 women will compete for the prize money which is 220.000 euros for the winner of the men division and 75.000 euros for women.

Filippos Kasidokostas, no 1 in the RL won his first match against Korean Han 3-0.

Eddy Leppens beat the top favorite in his group, Min-gu Kang who was finalist at the last tour, 3-2 in an exciting match over five sets.

Lep. 15-7 Lep. 15-8 M-g-K 15-11 M-g-K 15-9 Lep 11-5

The groups in the men’s event for the Final Tour:

PBA LPBA SK World championship 2021

Group A: Filippos Kasidokostas – Jung-ju Shin – Ho-suk Jung – Dong-woo Han

Group B: Frédéric Caudron – In-ho Kim – Jun-suk Jung – Seong-won Mun

Group C: Hyun-min Seo – Jae-guen Kim – Sang-pil Eom – Jong-won Kim

Group D: Seong-uk Oh – Bong-chul Kim – Dong-koong Kang – Robinson Morales

Group E: Javier Palazón – Hyun-woo Kim – Jin-pyo Hong – David Zapata

Group F: Min-gu Kang – Savas Bulut – Jun-hyuk Im – Eddy Leppens

Group G: Seong-youn Yeong – Birol Uymaz – Pedro Piedrabuena – Glenn Hofman

Group H: Sam-il Seo – Minh Cam Ma – Ki-hyok Kim – Tae-jun Oh.

LPBA the ladies

t the LPBA ladies final will participate 16 ladies, (4 groups of four).
The games will be played at best of two (11-11-9), in the last 8 best of three set wins and in the final best of four set wins.

The group format:
Group A: Mi-rae Lee – Ji-hyun Park – Min-joo Baek – Han-sol Seo
Group B: Ye-eun Kim – Suah Park – Ji-youn Oh – Eun-bin Kim
Group C: Se-yeon Kim – Su-jung oh – Ae-sin Jun – Jung-mi Kim
Group D: Ga-young Kim – Jung-suk Lim – Kyung-ja Kim – Yu-joo Lee

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