PBA SK rent a car three cushion WC – Kasidokostas run of 15

Greek champion Filippos Kasidokostas continued his victories in the PBA SK Rent a car three cushion billiards world championship.

In the tournament organized by the Korean company PBA, at the second match he was down 2-0 set by the Korean Ho-Suk Jung.

Kasidokostas was always ahead at the score in both of these sets, but Ho-Suk Jung equalizing with a series of 5 and six points and then proved to be very strong in the photo finish when he managed to finish the sets.


In the third set, however, Filippos did not leave him any opportunity.

In the second inning with a run of 15 points, finished the set , leaving the Korean..sitting in the chair while a desperate expression had spread across his face…

Ho-Suk Jung
Ho-Suk Jung

Same taste in the fourth set where Kasidokostas won it as well as the third with 15-2.

In the fifth and decisive set, Ho-Suk Jung was not as cool as in the first two sets.

Ηε missed an easy point at the end of the match, giving Kasidokostas the opportunity to finish the match and take the victory.

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