PBA – Victories for Frederic Caudron, David Zapata and Glenn Hofman

PBA SK world championship three cushion Billiards. The Belgian champion Frederic Caudron comfortably overcame the obstacle of the Korean Seong-won Mun, with a 3-0 set score.

A run of 6 put the Belgian champion ahead of the first set which ended 15-6.

In the second set, Caudron started with a run of eight points, a run that gave him a clear lead, that kept until the end of the set (15 – 3 for the Belgian in just 5 innings).

In the third set, the Korean lost the breaking point and the F.C. answered with a run of 10.

In fact, if he didn’t miss a bank shot that he played, the match could have ended earlier.

PBA frederic caudron

Seong-won Mun could not threaten in any case and the third set ended 15-2.

The truth is that when FC is in such a condition … he scares people.

He seems unstoppable and if he did not “threw away” some innings at the end of the third set the game would have ended much faster.

It is characteristic that Caudron lost three bank shots in his attempt to finish the third set.

The Spanish battle, was proved anything else than battle.

PBA David Zapatta

David Zapatta focused, consistent with very good choices left no chance for his compatriot Javier Palazon.

In a game that lasted a little longer than Caudron’s game, Zapatta beat Palazon by 3-0 set and … took the lead in the group rank.

Glenn Hoffman needed a 5th set to overcome the Korean Seong-youn Yeong obstacle.

The Dutch player was ahead by 2-1 set but hiw Korean opponent won the forth set.

In the 5th decider set Hofman won by 11 – 6 in 5 innings.

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