UMB-CEB 3 cushion billiards world cup in Veghel will be canceled?

The latest measures of the Dutch Government vs COVID-19 make UMB – CEB Three Cushion Billiards world cup in Veghel almost impossible to be organized.

The measures that have been announced for travelers from certain areas (that are requiring quarantine for them) practically reduce to zero the chance that a World Cup tournament can be held in Veghel in Brabant this year.

All returning travelers from areas colored orange or red are required to be in quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the Netherlands.

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UMB-CEB 3 cushion billiards world cup in Veghel will be canceled?

This means that players from those certain areas must be in the Netherlands by October 11 at the latest and be under house arrest until October 25 – when the start of the World Cup is announced on the UMB calendar.

The UMB has always said that international tournaments can only take place if all travel restrictions are lifted.

Accrding to the latest information the organization in Veghel, have asked the UMB to organize a major international three cushion tournament in Veghel later on, if possible.

The UMB-CEB thre cushion billards World cup in Veghel can only proceed if there is no obstacle for international players to participate.

This with a view to the ranking points.

So everythung points that the tournament will be canceled in consultation with KNBB.

UMB / KNBB and BEN are looking at an alternative tournament – solution.

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