Three Cushion Billiards: More than 700.000€ the Prize money of PBA for February

The total prize money of the 4 tournaments of three cushion billiards, held in February boasts tremendous amount: KRW 1 billion or 734.000€ (about)

three cushion billiards

PBA/LPBA TOUR 5th Tournament total prize money of KRW 290 million, PBA TEAM LEAGUE Playoffs and Championship Game total prize money of KRW 150, PBA/LPBA World Championship total prize money of KRW 550 million, and Welcome Savings Bank Top Ranking Best Average Award of KRW 12 million).

For the PBA/LPBA Super Series, 26 international players of 13 different nationalities have entered Korea for participation. PBA plans to provide its worldwide worldwide the most exciting February with the PBA Super Series, with the biggest scale ever.

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